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Rose Marie ([personal profile] singasongasixpence) wrote2012-01-08 02:28 am

Gato's Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, Kim and Rose stayed together for almost a week.

And Gato needed a story to help her sleep.

So they took turns lulling the penguinkitty to la la land.

This is what ensued:

Gato (Brooklyn) (12:05:12 AM): SEE YOU GUYS NEED TO TELL ME A STORY
Gato (Brooklyn) (12:05:12 AM): RIGHT
Gato (Brooklyn) (12:05:14 AM): NOW
Gato (Brooklyn) (12:05:17 AM): :|
Rose Marie (12:05:25 AM): once upon a time...
Rose Marie (12:05:32 AM): there was a goat
Gato (Brooklyn) (12:05:40 AM): ...
Rose Marie (12:05:42 AM): (s)he had a love named Jack
Rose Marie (12:05:50 AM): who was a pirate. a very smelly pirate.
Rose Marie (12:05:52 AM): and he had lice
Gato (Brooklyn) (12:05:52 AM): GXUSIDAYS
Rose Marie (12:06:01 AM): and the mayor of his hair was named Salty Pete.
Gato (Brooklyn) (12:06:28 AM): ...deargodwhathaveidone
Rose Marie (12:06:29 AM): Now, this is the goat Vinny's uncle had once milked, the same one that stepped on his beard and pulled it off his face.
Gato (Brooklyn) (12:06:44 AM): . fevsdgsrvdgbfeb
Gato (Brooklyn) (12:06:50 AM): AHAHA
Rose Marie (12:07:00 AM): but that is irrelevent.
Rose Marie (12:07:04 AM): completely.
Rose Marie (12:07:08 AM): NOW THEN.
Rose Marie (12:07:22 AM): Jack was a selfish pirate. and he would take the goat with him on all his adventures
Rose Marie (12:07:29 AM): When the goat really had to study for midterms
Rose Marie (12:07:35 AM): because damn high school sucks
Rose Marie (12:08:01 AM): The goat ended up missing all his midterms and flunking out of high school.
Rose Marie (12:08:05 AM): So
Rose Marie (12:08:12 AM): He joined jack's crew
Rose Marie (12:08:16 AM): as his mistress of evil
Rose Marie (12:09:07 AM): (and also as a tasty scapegoat, pardon the pun, for when Abominable Snowmen appear)
Rose Marie (12:09:44 AM): Jack heard tale of a magical jellybean in the land of sliced bread
Rose Marie (12:09:48 AM): where all was pink and rosy
Rose Marie (12:10:05 AM): this jellybean could tame seas and throw up dragons
Rose Marie (12:10:11 AM): so obviously jack had to have it for his own
Rose Marie (12:10:18 AM): To rule the world on the back of a dragon
Rose Marie (12:10:23 AM): with a badass guitar.
Rose Marie (12:10:37 AM): that lived on the blood of -GASP- goats!
Rose Marie (12:10:46 AM): But Jack wouldn't tell his goat-love of this
Rose Marie (12:10:51 AM): because he was selfish
Rose Marie (12:10:53 AM): and smelly
Rose Marie (12:12:28 AM): So Jack went after the guitar, mushing his goat-love on in his sled made of cream cheese
Rose Marie (12:12:38 AM): sliding across the ground with ease.
Rose Marie (12:13:24 AM): After several cliche traps, such as giant bolders, spikes, poison darts, and giant mutant insects, he reached the sanctum of the inner temple of the badass guitar.
Rose Marie (12:14:18 AM): Up the stairs he climbed, taking hold of the guitar... when all of the SUDDEN, the room began to quake, quakin' like a pollaroid pictah.
Rose Marie (12:15:56 AM): Jack, being quite witty and smelly, surfed on the waves of rock-crabs (they all had matching towels) out of the cave, and waited for his pet dragon to feast on his poor goat-love. Outside the cave, he sang a sad song, his last token of affection for the goat.
Rose Marie (12:16:30 AM): unfortunatly for jack - and the dragon for he was quite famished.
Rose Marie (12:16:53 AM): The goat wasn't about to get eaten like some little bitch.
Rose Marie (12:16:56 AM): that would be crass.
Rose Marie (12:17:29 AM): So the goat used it's magical horns of super strength to butt the everlovin' tar out of the dragon!
Rose Marie (12:18:12 AM): Unfortunately, the sheer strength of the goat rams caused the opening of the temple to cave in, trapping the goat inside for all eternity.
Rose Marie (12:18:46 AM): Jack was heartbroken over the loss of his goat-love, as well as the loss of his pet dragon, for he was a selfish man. and he was smelly.
Rose Marie (12:19:14 AM): With salty pete at his side... er, on the side of his head, he set sail again, vowing to never love another goat ever again.
Rose Marie (12:19:21 AM): They say
Rose Marie (12:19:43 AM): you can still hear the cries of the besotted goat echoing through the temple's forest
Rose Marie (12:19:59 AM): and the floods every year are spurred on by his magic tears.
Rose Marie (12:20:03 AM): THE END.

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