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Other Characters: None.

Character Name: Alisha Bailey
Series: Misfits
Timeline: I'm taking her from the end of 2x05.
Canon Resource Link: Handy dandy link.
Note about the surname discrepancy: Alisha's last name is heavily disputed between the fans; up until the past 5 months or so, people believed it Bailey, though when a Misfits book declared it Daniels, many of the fans flocked away from the surname that was used for years. (I've done the research; the book was written by one of the series 3-4 writers who was not involved in the creation of the characters, who simply used one of the many production concept surnames.) I continue to use "Bailey" simply because while the book does have E4's approval to be published, the circumstances around the newly deemed surname are questionable and goes against what fans and other Misfits production members have long-since called her.

Character History: Not much is known about Alisha's pre-series history; we only get select, brief glimpses to times that occurred before the start of canon. That being said, we know Alisha employed herself in a life of sex, drugs, and partying, a lifestyle that continued until the reality of the Storm completely settled in. It's assumed this lifestyle, though relatively new, had gone on for several years before the start of canon, as indicated by Rudy in series three, revealing that even back when they were in college (the second half of high school, for all American intents and purposes) she had a reputation, one that earned her the nickname "the Cock Monster".

While transporting a friend to a second party, Alisha was pulled over by a cop. Unfortunately, she was under the influence (four times over the legal limit and toting a previously revoked license). In what she had hoped to be a stroke of brilliance, she resisted cooperation and performed a blow-job on the traffic cop's breathalyzer. Needless to say, the attempt to seduce her way out of an arrest failed, and she found herself in court. Though nothing permanent would immediately go on her record, she received an ASBO, legal curfew, mandatory community service under a probation worker, and an ankle tracker.

On her first day of community service, in some strange, twist of fate, Alisha, four of the five other probationers, and the probation worker were struck by lightning. The source of the lightning took the form of a sudden and mysterious Storm, unlike anything the city of Wertham -and the world- had ever seen before. Miraculously, they all survived the inexplicable surprise, seemingly unharmed. Though they were all severely shaken, things returned to normal for a short while. In their down time, Alisha took the opportunity to explain her little encounter with the traffic cop, shamelessly reenacting the scene on her water bottle for her fellow misfits. However, that easy conversation piece was short lived; the probation worker, turned psycho-killer by the storm, attacked the ASBO Five. After having time reversed, minds read, discovering Alisha's power (instantaneous sexual arousal upon skin contact), and finding the 6th probationer's bloody corpse in a locker, the five had a quick and deadly scuffle with the Tony, killing him. At Simon's suggestion, Alisha helped them to bury Tony under the flyaway, in hopes he'd never be found.

Alisha didn't allow herself to dwell on the murders for too long, instead thrusting herself back into the social nightlife. Her Storm-given ability proved to be nothing short of an amazing power trip, even after she had her first taste of the consequences it wrought her. With the uncontrollable ability to put people under a spell of sorts that cause them to shag her, the first encounters proved to be both the best... and the worst. After nearly being raped by a police officer -arrived to arrest her for breaking curfew (and thus the conditions of her ASBO)- and walking away from the situation shaken but safe from legal consequences, she took advantage of numerous men in a night club, followed by Curtis a few days later (one of the others on community service who had caught her eye and interest). Unlike the men in the club, Curtis was horrified by her using her power to take advantage of him. Initially, Alisha saw no wrong in what she did, seeing as how under her influence, he had enjoyed the session; in addition, she had grown accustomed to treating people however she wanted, getting away with the behaviour simply because she was beautiful enough to. However, after another power-induced experience with a visitor to the community centre and a subsequent one the next day, which ended in her nearly being raped by him (Curtis had shown up in the nick of time, though he too touched her and dove in for a shag), reality had become all too clear. After escaping and putting a fair amount of distance between Curtis and herself, she finally admitted that the power was nothing but a curse and that those stuck under the control of her power weren't themselves. Most importantly, she finally accepted that she was the problem, not the chaps who couldn't “keep their dicks in their trousers.”

Things did improve, if only for a short period of time. Curtis and Alisha began to see one another, usually intimately and in poorly-secured public places, such as storage rooms and the Community Centre toilets. However, due to Curtis having turned back time and changing a small detail in his personal history, his previous girlfriend returned, no longer in prison and thus still technically an item with him. Though this caused some conflict between Curtis and Alisha (she was livid, because for the first time in years, she was staying monogamous, and yet he broke that special trust by cheating on her), they eventually came to the conclusion that the change in history was unintentional and they did want to be together. They also agreed their blow-up only proved how much they cared, and after numerous attempts, he eventually ended things with his ex permanently.

Once again, that peace and happiness were short-lived and strewn between difficult obstacles for the misfits. When a group called Virtue, run by a “prude” named Rachel, arrived at the Community Centre, Alisha was brainwashed and pulled into their super-conservative, infectious cult. With a few simple words, Rachel (who had also been hit by the Storm's lightning) had pulled Alisha under her power, causing her to go through a drastic reform of pious responsibility and changes reflecting all that is good, such as shame, respect, and extreme modesty in dress and behaviour... at least on the surface. As Rachel's right hand woman, she helped kidnap people, whom Rachel indoctrinated with her power and who became part of the cult. Over a short few days, most in the city of Wertham were under Rachel's control; it was only through a brave and reckless act on Nathan's, a fellow misfit's, behalf that allowed the hold over the cult to be broken. He (accidentally) threw both Rachel and himself off the side of the building, killing both.

Those previously under the cult's “spell” retained no memories of having been brainwashed, Alisha included; however, that didn't make Nathan's sacrificial death any easier to handle. Granted, she was able to keep most of her emotions under lock and key, but for the first time, she truly grieved for another human being. It was only through a mystery man's intervention that the four misfits returned to Nathan's grave-site and dug up his coffin, discovering that he was actually alive and that his power was immortality. Shortly thereafter, the misfits, while being harassed by a shape-shifter, discovered the body of their second probation worker; Simon, the awkward probationer, had accidentally killed her before Nathan's death. Bandying up, the five took her body out to the middle of the lake and drowned it, Alisha and Nathan both offering emotional support instead of physical, eating Cornettos as the others did the brunt of the work.

The mystery man, deemed Superhoodie, emerged again and soon began to follow Alisha around, free-running across the tops of buildings. When she managed to catch him on video with her phone and shared the information with the rest of the ASBO Five, Nathan recognized the masked man as someone who had helped him escape being chased the cult before he stopped Rachel.

About a week later, Superhoodie saved Alisha from a mugger, helping her up by the hand. On any other occasion and with any other person, this might not have been terribly significant; however, Alisha quickly realized that this meant her power, for the first time, had no effect... but only on that very particular and mysterious person. Before she could even ask anything, he ran away, jumping off the side of a building. Utterly intrigued and plagued by longing curiosity, Alisha later aggravated a man enough to incite being assaulted, all in an attempt to lure the superhero back into the open. Though the plan worked and he stopped the assailant, Alisha had quite the misfortune and tripped, falling down a flight of stairs and knocking herself unconscious.

When she came to, she found herself in lair of sorts, numerous clocks and hundreds of photographs of the misfits lining the walls. Following the sound of a running shower, she discovered exactly who the mystery hero was: Simon. At first, she thought the discovery some sort of joke, demanding to know when he started “going around and jumping off buildings.” Much to her astonishment, Simon revealed that he was not the Simon she knew from community service, but rather, his future self, who time traveled back to the present. Confused and unsure of what to make of this confident Simon who had the audacity to suggest that she was fated to fall in love with him, she left his flat, giving the promise to not speak a word of his identity to the rest of the ASBO five.

However, Future Simon was a temptation she found hard to ignore; guilty and unsure of herself, she ended up in an argument with Curtis, only to sneak off after service to return to Superhoodie's lair. Though tentative, she was too drawn in, too taken aback by how genuinely affectionate he was, consenting to sleep with her futuristic lover. At this point, there was no going back; she had began to fall for him and fast. They continued to see one another in secret, and though she followed Future Simon's advice to let her relationship with Curtis play out, it quickly died out. Simply, she had changed too much in too short a period of time and had avoided Curtis and his concerns about her for the entirety of it.

He dumped her, and she returned to Future Simon, content with the sacrifice of hers and Curtis' relationship for this new, truer one. On her way to community service the next day,while walking and talking with Kelly (another probationer who had become Alisha's best friend), about breaking up with Curtis, they were gunned down. Kelly was kidnapped by another storm-hit bloke who saw the world as a violent video game. Convinced that one of the misfits was named “Conti”, a fictitious character who had “stolen his money,” he held Kelly hostage in hopes of getting his cash. Unfortunately, on the rescue mission to save her, the other four misfits were caught and strung up in a warehouse. Convinced that one of them was an undercover cop, the video gamer had taken Alisha down to kill first, as to lure the “cop” out. Luckily, she slipped away and ran deep within the warehouse, hoping to escape the madman. Unfortunately, he gave chase, and once he cornered her, he aimed and fired a gun; before she could register what was happening, Superhoodie dropped down from the skylight, landing in the path of the bullet taking it for her. He revealed himself as “the undercover cop”, thus sending her attacker on a new “mission” in another part of the city. Unfortunately, Simon's wound was fatal; in his dying moments, he revealed to Alisha that her falling in love with his past self is how he became who he was. Though she was deeply wounded by his selfless death and had difficulties bringing herself to do it, per his last request, she covered his body in petrol and set his remains on fire.

The days that followed were a challenge; Alisha couldn't publicly mourn. However, she did begin to show a stronger interest in the present Simon, much to his -and the rest of the group's- confusion. There wasn't much time to be sentimental, though. The discovery of Storm-powered people was made public knowledge, as a young man named Brian revealed to the media that he had the power to control dairy products. Ousting the ASBO five to reporters for money, their third probation worker, Shaun, quit his job, leaving the misfits to deal with new-found fame. Though Alisha initially enjoyed the perks of wealth and fame at first, she soon found it shallow, enough to where she sought out Nathan to talk about it; unbeknownst to her, Simon, invisible, was listening in and heard her quote him. “He said picking up litter was the best time of his life.” However, it was his future self that said those words, and though Alisha knew they came from his lips, the present Simon did not. Suspicious, he followed Alisha back to Superhoodie's lair, where she openly mourned. He made himself visible and his presence known, pressing an inquiry as to what was going on. Alisha had no choice but to reveal that the mystery man was him. After talking about it for some time, and though it was definitely awkward for both, the two decided to try being together. Though Brian went on a killing spree due to the decision that infamy was better than fading out of fame (as the people with better powers were getting the limelight), and though Alisha was one of his victims, Curtis turned back time far enough that the misfits were able to stop him from revealing himself to the public in the first place. The discovery of the ASBO five thus never happened.

That being said, it was assumed that similar events occurred between Alisha and Simon around that time. Their community service soon ended, and by Christmas, they were a steady couple. However, Alisha greatly missed what she and Future Simon had: the ability to touch one another. When she heard about a dealer (Seth) who took and sold powers, she willingly went to him and gave hers up for free, returning home to the lair flat. Though the two made love like Alisha ultimately wanted, Simon found himself feeling inadequate in comparison to his future self. Alisha watched him walk away as he proclaimed she'd never love him as much as his future self. Simon soon gave word of Seth to the other misfits who decided to sell their powers for profit; while they gleamed about the new-found cash, Alisha ran into a man named Elliot, who happened to have bought her power from Seth, and he used it on her. Though she escaped, when she returned to the Community Centre, it was discovered that Elliot had bought quite a few powers and was using them to masquerade as Jesus Christ, the saviour returned. The ASBO five, horrified by his shameless abuse of his (and their) powers, confronted him, intending to stop him. Ultimately, he caused his own death, and Alisha's old power died with him. After returning to Seth as displeased customers, each of the misfits gained new powers.

After a holiday to Las Vegas, one that ended in Nathan being thrown into American prison for gambling fraud, the remainder of the gang met for drinks, only to happen across Rudy, a person from Alisha's past. Also having been hit by the Storm, upon seeing Alisha for the first time in years, he split into two bodies, each housing different aspects of his emotions. Though greatly discomforted by his presence and the information he revealed, the sensitive Rudy (or Rudy Two) explained that back in college, after years of pining after her, she slept with him. However, the next day, she refused to even acknowledge his existence, even though be believed that the sex had sealed the deal that they'd finally be a couple; the pain was enough to push him to attempt suicide. Deeply upset and hiding behind anger and faux-disregard, Alisha called him out on his “sick fantasies” and booked it out of the bar.

Though Simon had taken great lengths to comfort her, Rudy's reappearance sat heavy on her mind. Knowing he was supposed to be doing community service, she slipped out of the flat and went to visit him, only to find him frozen in time, noose around his neck, hands ziptied; another probationer with a power planned to kill him, and when Alisha discovered the scene, she too soon found herself ziptied and ready to hang. Though Rudy successfully killed the girl by knocking her to the floor hard enough to crack her skull, he had lost the chair he was standing on. Alisha told him to grab onto her, though her balance was rickety at best. In a moment of weakness and both in the face of death, she confided in him that she clearly remembered him, hated herself for what she did to him, and she was sorry. Content with that, he let go of her to make sure she was spared death; luckily Rudy Two found them in time to save both Alisha and his other half. Having made up, the Rudys rejoined, and Alisha, Curtis, Kelly, and Simon had him drive them around the city. Alas, they were pulled over, and it turned out that Rudy had stolen the car from a lady with a perm. The four now found themselves on probation once more, this time alongside Rudy.

More people with powers to abuse crossed paths with the new ASBO five, though two in particular stood out as invaluable to Alisha's relationships and her life itself. The first was a boy named Peter, obsessed with all things comics and superheros. Upon being rescued by Simon, who, at the time, was training himself to become Superhoodie, Peter became utterly fascinated. Due to his own Storm-born power, he began to draw comics about Simon, and whatever he drew actually happened. After Alisha heartily and tactlessly disproved of Simon revealing his secrets to this virtual stranger, Peter, via his comics, forced Simon to break up with her. Deeply hurt, Alisha stayed at Kelly's house, feeling kicked out of her own home. The next day during service, she realized that Peter was carrying around drawings of all of the ASBO five. Bandying with the remaining three misfits, they found Peter's apartment and tore apart all his comics of Simon, thus breaking his hold over him. Horrified and apologetic, Simon abandoned Peter, disgusted with him, and begged Alisha to get back together with him. She gladly did. However, Peter was vengeful... and respectful. He kidnapped Alisha, now dressed as a villain, and used her as bait to lure Superhoodie out. However, Peter had drawn the conclusion to that confrontation: while he himself died, Simon wouldn't burn the Superhoodie costume like Alisha later pleaded him to, thus ensuring that when Simon needed to travel back in time, he'd have his gear.

After dealing with Kelly being body swapped with a coma patient (who while in Kelly's body, killed Shaun, the third probation worker); Rudy contracting a power-born STD; Alisha helping Curtis handle a pregnancy scare; killing loads of zombie cheerleaders, the fourth probation worker who didn't even last five minutes, and one particularly nasty zombie cat; Alisha happened across the second important person to throw a wrench into this part of her life... as well as permanently end it.

When a visiting medium used the Community Centre to host his spirit encounter show, he called forth the spirits of those who had died in there. He left soon after, but only after revealing he couldn't send the spirits back from whence they came. Simon was the first to run into one of them, and that particular spirit was Sally, the second probation worker... and the love interest who betrayed him. Though she seemed apologetic, she asked Simon not to tell the others about her presence, though only after learning that Simon and Alisha were a couple. Shortly after, another face from the past showed: Rachel, the Virtue cult leader. Upset with there being no God and her life of purity having been in vain, the misfits, including Alisha, encourages her to live a little in the “booze and sex” sense, in hopes that maybe that missing part of her life would help her move on. Tony, the first probation worker, appeared soon after, and was enraged to learn from the misfits that Sally, his fiancee, was killed by the misfits; however, Tony was good at heart, and without his Storm power, couldn't bring himself to harm the misfits. Sally, however, didn't have a clue that Tony was there. Instead, she and Simon went reminisced about their past, eventually ended up at the flat. As part of a scheme, while he wasn;t looking, she set up his phone camera and explained to him that she wouldn't move on until they've “made up” and saw through their relationship. Unbeknownst to Simon, she recorded them making out on the bed and sent it to Alisha's mobile, his reluctance and endearment towards Alisha never making it into the video.

Needless to say, Alisha was horrified and greatly upset with Simon that he would do that with another woman, a dead woman, on their own bed. She stormed up to the rooftop to think... just what Sally wanted. In an attempt to exact revenge on Simon (the misfits took her love from her, she'd take his from him), she tried shoving Alisha off the edge of the roof. Keen to stop her, Tony and Simon both rushed to the roof, and upon seeing Tony, Sally let Alisha go, the two moving on to the afterlife together. Realizing it was all simply a trap set by Sally, Alisha forgave Simon with ease, and they returned downstairs into a storage room to intimately and sexually reconnect.

But outside that room, Rachel wasn't doing so well; she felt cheap and dirty, the partying having done nothing to complete her. Though it was a slip of the tongue on Rudy's part, she came across the idea that revenge might be what she needed to move on. Grabbing a box cutter, she advanced towards the misfits, and in a stroke of coincidence and cruel fate, Alisha happened to walk through the storage room door at that exact moment, right in arm's reach of Rachel. Without a moment's hesitation, Rachel slit her throat. Though that did the trick and allowed Rachel to move on, Alisha collapsed, rapidly bleeding out. Kelly called for an ambulance, but Alisha had lost too much blood. In less than a couple minutes, and with a few futile jerks, she died in Simon's arms.

That moment is what spurred him to ask Seth for the power to time travel, to return to the past as Superhoodie, make sure events happen as need-be, and to be with Alisha once again. And thus, the cycle started... and both Simon and Alisha came to exist in a never-ending circle in the flow of time.

Abilities/Special Powers: Each one of misfits obtained a power after being struck by lightning in an inexplicable, freak, electric storm. Each of their powers represented something about themselves. In Alisha’s case, her power reflects her “nymphomania.” She’s essentially cursed with the power of instantaneous and extreme sexual arousal.

It might sound laughable or worthy of scrutiny and eye-rolling out of context, but this power is intense and harmful enough that it has not only impacted her social life and any chances of intimacy, it ruined them. Whenever something living makes skin to skin contact with her, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, they become overwhelmed with the need to have sex with her at that very moment, to the point to where nothing else going on around them matters. Each time canonically, the person influenced by her power says aloud what they’d like to do to her before they commit the act. They will remain under her power until contact is broken, no ifs, ands, or buts. However, after contact is broken, the person who touched her will find that they cannot remember a single thing since the initial contact happened; it’s a complete blank. The power doesn’t affect her own arousal, and unlike the other person, she does retain all memories of what happened while contact was made. Antonia Thomas, Alisha's actress, has mentioned in interviews that her power affects everything, meaning it probably extends beyond humans to animals, and for the sake of RP purposes, aliens and possibly robots as well.

Third-Person Sample: Alisha would like to think that very little could strike with all-encompassing shock. Not after the Storm. Not after the numerous encounters with those with seemingly-impossible powers and having one herself. Not after killing and burying several probation workers because of said power-ridden antagonists. Especially not after falling in love with a fellow from the future, only for a cruel act of fate to take him.

She couldn't have been more wrong. For here she was, perplexed beyond comprehension, while the quiet horror of the unbelievable gripped her heart. Of course, her first thought (beyond that of utter confusion) was that this was all the doing of yet another idiot with a power. After all, if powers could turn people invisible, allow them to shape-shift, and even see the world as if it were a damn bloody video game, it wasn't terribly far-fetched to think that one severely-disturbed individual could have created this Alice themed hellhole.

Contrary-wise, she knew that no one in her little community service circle had ever come across an individual with a power strong enough to fabricate something so real and complex. But... it had to be a power; it had to. After all, as Simon had said, whenever something strange happened, it was always the Storm, and this case would be so much easier to deal with if it was, too. Thus far, there had been no question about the capabilities of the Storm's powers, though something in Alisha's gut told her that she couldn't be so sure that would continue on indefinitely.

Taking a deep breath and bracing herself for whatever truth lied in store, she cautiously headed towards the massive mansion. Someone inside had to be able to confirm what she suspected. Right?

First-Person Sample:
[Alisha's looking none too pleased as she peers down at the phone, both hesitant to engage in conversation with a house full of strangers and eager to obtain some much-needed clarification. Though she keeps her features as steady as possible, hiding the her true upset behind the guise of frustration, there's a definite uncomfortable tension beneath the surface.]

Wot's with this place? Seriously, I feel like I'm in some sort of mental's idea of a magic fun-house, and I am not enjoying myself in the least.

So if someone would be so kind as to tell me wot the fuck is going on, I'd appreciate it. I've enough bullshit to deal with without adding all of this to the list.

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