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Kink List

Kink List.

Things under the yes column are particular favorites or ones I would be immediately willing to accommodate, assuming it's IC for my characters. Maybe means I'm open to it, but would require discussion first to discover if it's something I'd be comfortable with and/or if it's IC given the situation/scenario. Hard Limits are things I refuse to play regardless of circumstance.

You can hover over kinks marked with an asterisk to read a note.

Please keep in mind that while I am personally okay with everything in the "yes" list, my characters may not be. It's possible that kinks in that list cannot be played out while my muses are in-character.

If you have any questions about kinks (whether or not they're currently listed) or about which kinks would or wouldn't work with a specific character, please leave them below!

⦒ receiving only
❖ giving and receiving

yesmaybehard limits

❖ Kissing
❖ Licking
⦒ Biting
❖ Dirty Talking
❖ Dry Humping
❖ Masturbation
❖ Handjobs/Fingerjobs
❖ Blowjobs/Eating out
❖ Sex Toys
❖ Sexy/Slutty clothing
❖ Teasing
❖ Uniforms
❖ Vanilla Sex
❖ Size Differences
Age Differences*
❖ Interspecies (and all it entails)
❖ Breast/Nipple Play
❖ Clothed Sex
❖ Drug/Alcohol Use
❖ Electric Toys
⦒ Hair Pulling
⦒ Immobilization
❖ Messy
❖ Multiple Orgasms
⦒ Orgasm Control/Denial
⦒ Multiple Partners
⦒ Multiple Penetration
⦒ Breath Play
⦒ Masochism
⦒ Face/throatfucking
⦒ Titfucking
⦒ Deflowering
⦒ Humiliation
❖ Dom(me)/sub
⦒ Dubious/non-consent
⦒ Face Slapping
⦒ Tit slapping
⦒ Spanking
⦒ Blindfolds
⦒ Gags
⦒ Handcuffs/ropes/chain/all that good bondage stuff
⦒ Suspension Play
⦒ Wax Play
⦒ Electrostim
⦒ Light to moderate nipple/breast/pussy torture
⦒ Ice/Heat Play

⦒ Breeding
Strip Tease*
❖ Non-sexual pain
❖ Master/pet
❖ Master/slave (objectified)
⦒ Leash and Collar
Knife Play*

- Needle play
- Gun play
- Piercing
- Burning
- Abrasions
- Broken bones
- Bodily mutilation
- Vore
- Scat / Waterworks
- Vomit
- Chastity
- Use as a non-sexual object (ie being used as an ashtray)
- Puppy/pony play
- Public humiliation
- Death or medically life threatening situations